You can choose to send these types of notifications to Salesforce mobile app users.

A Note

To enable push notifications, you must also enable in-app notifications.

Display push notifications in Salesforce mobile app or on mobile device’s lock screen. Full push notification content is enabled by default but can be adjusted to show less content.


For a notification type to be delivered to the Salesforce mobile app, you must enable the mobile channel and the desired versions of the Salesforce mobile app. For most standard notification types, the mobile channel and the Salesforce mobile app are enabled by default. However, not all standard notification types are available for the Salesforce mobile app.


Enable Salesforce Mobile App Notifications

Disable Full Content Push Notifications

The content of mobile push notifications can be displayed outside of the Salesforce mobile app, such as on a mobile device’s lock screen. Full content push notifications are enabled by default for the Salesforce mobile app, but you can choose to display minimal content instead.

When full content push notifications are disabled, custom notification types display the notification title only. Standard notification types use generic messages.

For example, a default full content notification reads “Allison Wheeler mentioned you: @John Smith, heads-up! New sales strategy for Acme account.” However, when you disable full content push notifications, the equivalent push notification reads “Allison Wheeler mentioned you.”

You can disable full content push notifications for each of your connected apps.

  1. From Setup, enter Connected Apps in the Quick Find box, then select Manage Connected Apps.
  2. Locate the desired app, then select Edit from the dropdown menu.
  3. Deselect Display full content push notifications.
  4. Save your change.

Considerations for Salesforce Mobile App Notifications

Approval Requests

A user can receive approval requests in Salesforce mobile app notifications only when the user receives approval requests as email notifications. You or your user can change the Receive Approval Request Emails user field to set this preference.

Content Limits

Notification titles and bodies are trimmed after merge fields are expanded.

  • In-app notification titles have a maximum of 250 characters and the bodies have a maximum of 750 characters.
  • Character limits for mobile push notifications depend on the Display full content push notifications setting on the Salesforce for iOS or Salesforce for Android connected apps pages in Setup.SETTINGTITLE MAXIMUMBODY MAXIMUMEnabled35 characters255 charactersNot Enabled100 charactersNo body displayed

Data Privacy

All Universal Notification System notifications are automatically deleted after 30 days.

All push registrations are automatically deleted when refresh tokens have been revoked.

When a feed item is removed or deleted, the associated notification remains visible.