Digital Skills: The Secret to Unlocking New Career Opportunities and Achieving Your Goals


Are you tired of dead-end jobs that don’t pay well and don’t offer room for growth? Do you feel like you’re missing out on exciting career opportunities because you don’t have the right digital skills? Well, it’s time to do something about it! In today’s job market, digital skills are more important than ever, and having them can open up a world of new possibilities.

According to a Forbes article by Natalie Burg, over 70% of all jobs in the United States require some level of digital proficiency. Moreover, jobs that require advanced digital skills are growing at a faster rate than other jobs. This means that if you want to succeed in your career, you need to have the right digital skills.


So, what types of digital skills are in high demand? Alison Doyle from The Balance Careers recommends the following:


Social Media Skills – Social media is no longer just for sharing selfies and memes. Many companies use social media to connect with customers, promote their products, and build their brand. Having social media skills can be a huge asset in today’s job market.


Data Analysis Skills – Data is everywhere, and companies need people who can analyze it and use it to make better decisions. If you have skills in data analysis, you can help companies improve their bottom line.


Coding Skills – Coding is the language of the digital world, and it’s essential if you want to work in tech. Even if you don’t want to be a full-time developer, having some coding skills can be incredibly helpful in many different careers.

Cloud Computing Skills – Cloud computing is becoming increasingly popular, and companies need people who can manage their cloud infrastructure. If you have skills in cloud computing, you can help companies save money and improve their efficiency.


Salesforce Skills – Salesforce is a leading customer relationship management (CRM) platform used by businesses of all sizes. If you have skills in Salesforce, you can help companies manage their customer relationships and improve their sales processes.

In a World Economic Forum article by Julia Hawkins, the importance of digital skills in the post-pandemic world is stressed. With more and more companies moving to remote work and digital processes, having the right digital skills can make you a more competitive candidate and open up a wider range of job opportunities.


So, how can you develop these skills? One great resource is Trailhead, a free online learning platform created by Salesforce. Trailhead offers courses on a wide range of digital skills, including social media marketing, data analysis, coding, cloud computing, and Salesforce. And the best part? You can earn badges and certifications that demonstrate your skills to potential employers.


At Transition Trails, we understand the importance of digital skills, and we’re here to help. Our programs offer training and support for young professionals who want to build their skills and unlock new career opportunities. Whether you’re interested in social media marketing, data analysis, coding, or Salesforce, we have a program that’s right for you.

Don’t let a lack of digital skills hold you back in your career. Start building your skills today and take the first step toward achieving your goals. Visit our website at to learn more about our programs and how we can help you succeed.




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